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The Importance of New Product Development in Product Innovation

Updated: May 20, 2021

By Kate Putnam, May 17, 2021, Jaeger USA

New product development is one of the most important components of the product to market process. Jaeger USA’s ability to stay competitive in today's Home Resale Market starts with our Development Team. Research, development, and execution are the key components of our nearly hundred-year history. At Jaeger USA our core company policies include the words innovative and ready for change. Our Brand decisions are taken very seriously. The team at Jaeger USA is not afraid of challenges and works with our partners to turn ideas into products.

As the private label partner, we look beyond our existing products and are always looking for the next. In a niche industry, being a leader includes utilizing new product development as a cardinal element of a part of our global outlook.

Innovation is the essence of all growth. This is especially true while developing a marketing strategy. In an age of technological advancements, change is a natural outcome -- change in food habits, change in expectations and requirements. This is why the development phase is crucial to our business. Jaeger USA’s cross-functional team is vigilant to these changes taking place in the water sealing system and Construction Industry as a whole.

Product concepts are envisioned by keeping an eye on our target market and applying them to the design process. We know that people always seek better products, greater convenience, newer fashion, and higher quality for money.

Jaeger USA has to respond to the dynamic requirements of our partners and these responses take the shape of new products and new services. Through such a response, the company as a whole reaps a good deal of benefits.

New products become necessary from the growth plan in effect at our company on a global level. Products that are already established often have their limitations in usefulness and enhancing the dynamics of our ability to be the leader in the private label industry.

When we have a new product idea it is necessary for Jaeger USA to think outside the box and create, test, and bring in new products to replace older versions of our portfolio. Jaeger USA's Portfolio is Organized into Four Segments.

Air, Water, and Vapor Barrier System Components

Shower Sealing Systems

Below Grade Sealing Systems

Textiles, Shoe, and Leather

.New products can be broadly classified into two groups: new products arising out of technological innovations and new products arising out of marketing-oriented modifications. The first group involves innovations leading to intrinsically new products with a new functional utility behind them. The second group involves mere marketing-oriented innovations in existing products; it gives rise to new versions of the existing products.

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Kate Putnam

Jaeger USA

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