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DM 2.0 Uncoupling Membrane

Jaeger USA's DM 2.0 Uncoupling Membrane is a revolutionary tile substrate that allows water to evaporate through the shower base without seeping into the drywall. Protecting against vapor and water stagnation and prevents mold from growing on walls, floors, and ceilings.

A new generation of waterproofing system designed to provide a seamless waterproofing system that will protect your tile installations.

Jaeger USA’s Uncoupling Membrane 2.0 solves one of the most significant causes of cracked ceramic tile or stone. Specifically designed for ceramic and stone tile installations, uncoupling membranes are a separation layer, creating a waterproof coating to protect the substrate and prevent moisture from infiltrating the surfaces below.

According to the Tile Council of North America, the most common cause of tile and stone failure is the lack of adherence between tiles and mortar beneath them.

Product Information

Creates a waterproof layer to protect the substrate and prevent moisture from infiltrating the surfaces below. Can be installed on top of concrete, plywood, SB, gypsum, existing vinyl floors, structural planks, sub-floors, and radiant heated floors.

Carrier: two different nonwovens

Membrane: Polyethylene Foil

Thin Uncoupling Stabilization of substrate and protection of tile.

Carrier: polypropylene nonwovens, top, and bottom

Membrane: Glass Mesh Mat & Foil

Butyl Sealing Membrane Stabilization of the subsoil and protection of the tile covering from

damage to movements in the underground.

Carrier: polypropylene nonwovens, top, and bottom

Membrane: Polyethylene Film & Butyl Layer

Separating one tile from another creates a buffer that prevents movement between tiles, resulting in cracked tiles and stones.

The Uncoupling Membrane helps preserve your flooring investment by ensuring that floors stay functional for years to come.

Designed to control the transfer of moisture between two different substrates, the Uncoupling Membrane comprises two other polyethylene foil nonwovens that will hold grout in place after installation.

This controls the transfer of water vapor from one surface to another to provide an additional barrier between different substrates and allows moisture to move freely within the membrane.

There is minimal moisture infiltration, and the Uncoupling Membrane will prevent water or mold from remaining stagnant. DM 2.0 Uncoupling Membrane designed and manufactured by Jaeger USA based on Aqua Dam 2.0 technology and uses a polyester nonwoven fabric with a modified bitumen layer.

The membrane is designed to optimize the uncoupling, waterproofing and vapor management of your tile installations.

Installation Instructions

The membrane should not be wet during application as this will compromise the applied area's ability to stick correctly.

Before applying an uncoupling membrane, the prevents installer should spray water to prevent it from drying out before installation.

The uncoupling membrane should be applied directly to the subfloor.

DM 2.0 Uncoupling Membrane by Jaeger USA is ideal for tile installations in shower floors, bathtub surrounds, wet rooms, pools, spas, and basins.

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